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Polished Concrete Worktop - Extremely Durable
3 months ago

At ConcreteMade Ltd, we are your one-stop-shop for all your decorative concrete needs. Our team of concrete experts can help you with anything you are looking for, including the materials you need for concrete coating, concrete products, concrete polishing and what not. Providing in-depth information on the various tools you may need, and all the consumables and supplies you will need to finish your project perfectly.

We use latest technology for polishing the concrete products to make sure that the surface texture is accurate. We aim to promote safe work practices and make sure that there is no damage to your interior while installation. We believe in continuous improvement and for that we keep on practicing and learning new procedures and techniques. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. From the beginning stages of your project to the end product, we want to make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to be successful every step of the way. At ConcreteMade Ltd, we pride ourselves on having a team of honest and trustworthy employees that go to great lengths to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the services being provided.

The possibilities with concrete are endless. 

Available in an infinite number of colours ensures our customers will always find the right colour.  Customers can specify their desired thickness, edge radius, and specify where their joint lines will lie on longer pieces. Details such as seamless incorporated sinks can be added to stunning effect. Polished concrete countertops are incredibly durable. Polished concrete countertops are made from cast rather than a slab, this means that you are able to let your creative imagination run wild with the number of different shapes you can create when deciding to install a polished concrete worktop.

Once sealed, a polished concrete worktop is incredibly non-porous and hygienic. It makes a fantastic countertop that will maintain its industrial aesthetics and last a lifetime! Our polished concrete kitchen countertop is usually available for delivery within just 2-7 working days! Get in touch today and take your interior game to the next level!

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